Oh Precious One

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Aug 10
called to thrive

Oh Precious One

By Paget McCarthy


Sad, broken one,

What has left you

In so many pieces

You no longer

Collect them?


Laughter, joy, smiles all cease

Fade away, until forgotten.


Pain and sorrow


Taint the past

Distort tomorrow.

How long will it last?


Oh Man of many sorrows,

Surely you can know me.

You who formed me

Like a potter

Surely you can see a ray of hope.

If I’m your son, if I’m your daughter,

Show up, my King, show up, my Papa.


What would my maker say?


Come to me

I will wrap your wounds.

Come to me, my precious one.

See the vessel of your tears?

A regal collection.

Come to me.

I have healing in my wings.

Rest in the shadow of your maker.


In due season,

You will see

There’s a reason

And a purpose

For your story

And the pain.

Sometimes cruel –

But promised gain.

A joy, placed in the distance.

You are fashioned

In my likeness.


Soon enough

Tears no more.

Kingdom come.

Oh precious one

Your story will live

Beyond you.

Come to me, come to me.

Glory, Glory.


You have purpose

You have meaning

Let the light


On your weary soul.

Let your life

Be a part

Of an eternal



Don’t give up

Stand tall.

See the hope

In your call.

You are loved,

Apple of my eye.

The eye who creates

Awesome value…


Grasp the meaning.


Like the psalmist

When in anguish


To his Father

Come, my child.


Do not miss

Your purpose

Oh precious one.





***If you’re hurting and struggling, please consider calling Grace Wellness Center.


You are precious in God’s sight (Isa 43:4,5).

God has a plan for you; a life with a future and a hope (Jer 29:11).

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