God Is Calling You To Radical Dependence

By Stephen A. Luther | Blog

Jan 19
dependence called to thrive

“God does not protect us from the things he will perfect us through!”

That’s a quote from a Family Life Marriage curriculum we use at our counseling centers.

It’s also a concept deeply embedded in our My Kids Therapeutic Parenting program (www.MyKidsCommunity.com)

I LOVE this concept…until I’m IN those times of hardship which God is using to refine and perfect me!

Isn’t that so easy to do…we raise our hands in praise, shout amen when the pastor preaches but then… “oh, wait, me? I’m going to have to struggle? I have to go through those things? Wait I thought that was just a nice concept we hear the preacher say and we agree with before we go home to our comfortable lives!”

Nope, God is showing me that He WILL allow us to struggle because it makes us better.

Think about it for a second…do you protect your children from all discomfort? I hope not…if you do, that is really bad parenting. Have you ever met a child raised this way? They’ve actually shown through psychological and neurological tests that over-protective and permissive parenting has the same effect as abusive parenting.

Yep, you read that right! So, we often want God to protect us from all struggles even though if we did this ourselves as parents, we would severely damage our children.

So, if you are struggling in your parenting or in other areas of life…God is calling you to RADICAL DEPENDENCE!

Not lukewarm or fair-weather dependence…I’m talking about RADICAL DEPENDENCE where you are willing to give up everything and depend on Him alone!

That’s the kind of dependence we need when our kids bring chaos into our home. Judging from the Facebook groups I belong to for parents of attachment disordered children, even the Christian ones, people do not want to have to be dependent on God in this way while raising their children.

That breaks my heart…we so often want comfort or to feel validated in our complaining more than we want to hit our knees and call out to God.

Think about that, God spoke, and 100 billion galaxies came into existence! This God calls you His child and loves you. This God wants you to depend on Him and not on whether we have the peace in our home we want or the money in our bank account we think we need. He is bigger than anything else we can depend on! Call out to Him today and cling to Him as He guides you to peace and contentment in your home.

Our Christ-Centered therapeutic parenting program is designed to come along side you as you depend on Him.

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You are Called To THRIVE!

By Stephen Luther

Executive Director of Grace Wellness Center

Licensed Professional Counselor and Therapeutic Parent Coach


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