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called to thrive counseling
Feb 17

CTTR: Thrive Counseling

By dougl1kj | Counseling , Counseling and Therapy , Podcast , Thrive

In this episode Steve and Aki discuss how the THRIVE philosophy makes a difference in the counseling relationship and helps people go from broken to not only surviving but to thriving in their lives.

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called to thrive my kids program
Jan 20

CTTR: My Kids Program

By dougl1kj | My Kids Program , Podcast

In this show we discuss the My Kids program for parents who are struggling with foster, adoptive or biological kids who are hurt and insecure. We examine the My Kids Program DANCE Model and how it can help you and your family thrive.

healing called to thrive
Jan 13

CTTR: Thrive Continuum

By dougl1kj | Podcast

We are all on a journey from just surviving to thriving. The thrive continuum helps you look at where you are on that journey in various areas of life and how you can move from brokenness to healing in each area. The thrive continuum is made up of three levels, the Walking Wounded, the Stumbling and Stuck and the Thriving Well. We all want to get to the place where we are the Thriving Well in all areas of our life but sometimes we need support and guidance.